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The following is an overview of the insurance programs and plans ABI currently offers law firms. Keep in mind, plans may be upgraded
or revised as economic conditions dictate.
And, all group plans are available at
competitive rates.

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Firm Programs

Air Ambulance

For all Firms, a critical component of their health care plans is cost containment. AirMed offers a highly effective option to contain costs by returning lawyers, employees or their families home for treatment in their local health network. AirMed is also an excellent recruitment and retention benefit for any business.
There are no deductibles, no co-pays, no pre-existing condition clauses, and AirMed will transport you domestically, something travel insurance and premium cards simply won't do. AirMed membership doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Actually, it might save you one.
Firm Rates can be purchased for any combination of people in your firm: partners only, all attorneys or all employees. The larger the group, the more substantial the discount on AirMed Traveler memberships. A Firm needs only one ABA Member to qualify for the available discounts. Firms may select to purchase either Solo or Family plans. Solo plans can be upgraded to a Family by the individual lawyer or employee.
Since AirMed customizes each Firm Rate to your needs, please click here to contact an
ABI Firm/AirMed Representative to find out more or call

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As an attorney, your clients trust you with confidential information. For criminals, getting their hands on your clients’ financial records, social security numbers, depositions and criminal histories is extremely valuable.

And not all data breaches are caused by computer hackers—claims can be the result of stolen equipment, negligence on your part or that of your employees or independent contractors and IT failures. With legal professionals often taking work home and storing client data on mobile devices like tablets, smartphones and laptops, it is critical to put sufficient protection in place.

Aon CyberBusinessProsm, in connection with Identity Fraud, Inc., has arranged access to a comprehensive solution that offers three important areas of protection: risk management tools to help mitigate losses, cyber liability coverage to help protect you from litigation, and remediation benefits to help you respond to an incident.

Please visit http://www.aoncyberabi.com/ or call 1-800-369-2202 for more information.

For larger firms, please call Luz Maysonet at ABI at 1-866-232-7933 or email lmaysonet@abiins.com

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Group Personal Umbrella

This is ABI's newest offering for law firms – a personal umbrella policy sold to members of your firm on a voluntary basis. The policy provides excess coverage to protect an individual (and their estate) from a wide range of personal liability exposures.  Personal umbrella policies are among the best value in insurance today – offering the chance to purchase millions of dollars of excess protection for only hundreds in premium. Many law firms now require that their equity partners show proof of personal umbrella insurance annually. Our policy is backed by an "A" rated, Billion-Dollar insurance company and the coverage and pricing are among the best available anywhere.
Please act today to secure this important coverage. For more information, please call Bill Cleave at 1-609-818-9534 or email him at
Bcleave@leewardgroup.com or visit our dedicated website at http://www.abiexcess.com/. The website includes a law firm application and more information, including pricing and a coverage overview.


Cyber Security over 10 employees

When it comes to a data security breach, there are two types of law firms: Those that have had a breach and those that will have a breach. The technology your law firm relies on to conduct its business also increases its vulnerability to costly electronic security threats.
Even if your law firm uses state-of-the-art security controls, your clients, employees and firm assets are still at risk from a determined criminal element or human error that can bring your operations to a grinding halt. That’s why Chubb created CyberSecurity for law firms—an integrated insurance solution specifically for law firms.
CyberSecurity for law firms works congruently with your professional liability or “errors and omissions” (E&O) coverage. Make no mistake, your E&O insurance may protect you from third party lawsuits—but there are other, potentially enormous expenses your firm could face (beginning with the initial discovery of a data breach) to which an E&O policy would not respond.
Call Luz 1-866-232-7933 or email her at
CyberSecurity Brochure
CyberSecurity Coverage Features
Chubb Specialty Insurance

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Employment Practices Liability

No organization is immune from employment practices liability litigation, least of all law firms. ABA Employers EdgeSM insurance offers broad coverage for claims brought by partners and for claims for failure to make partner, and also includes:
  • Punitive damages coverage, where insurable by law.
  • Defense expenses coverage for breach of written employment contract claims.
  • No "intentional acts" exclusion, subject to applicable state law.
  • Advancement of defense expenses on a current basis prior to the disposition of a claim.
  • Broad definition of "Employment Practices Wrongful Act."  Chubb's policy form includes coverage for actual or alleged wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, third-party discrimination, third-party harassment, and other workplace torts.
For excellent coverage at competitive rates, call Luz at 1-866-232-7933 or email her at
lmaysonet@abiins.com and ask about this unique insurance coverage designed for ABA law firms.


Chubb Insurance Solutions for Law Firms [Adobe PDF, 69 KB]
Chubb Law Firm Products [Adobe PDF, 78]
EPLI Indication worksheet [Microsoft Word, 37KB]
Law Firm - Appetite Guide [Adobe PDF, 57KB]

Law Firm - Legal Eagles [Adobe PDF, 3.48MB]
Employment Practices Loss Prevention Resources [Adobe PDF, 72KB]
Employee Practices Liability Insurance [Adobe PDF, 296KB]
Toll Free Hotline [Adobe PDF, 544KB]
(Articles are reprinted with permission from Chubb).


Employment Practices Risks Video
Chubb Specialty Insurance

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Kidnap/Ransom and Extortion

Any firm can be a kidnapping or extortion target. Fortunately, professional assistance before, during, and after a kidnapping or extortion threat can result in a safe and successful outcome. Chubb's Kidnap/Ransom and Extortion Insurance policy features include:
  • Kidnap/ransom coverage that reimburses the insured law firm for ransom payments made as the result of an actual or alleged kidnapping.
  • Extortion coverage that reimburses extortion payments the insured firm makes as a result of extortion threats to property and employees, as well as cyber threats to its computer systems.
  • Coverage for employees, partners, principals, members, of-counsel attorneys of the firm, and clients on the firm's premises or while traveling in a vehicle with an employee of the firm.
  • Ransom delivery coverage for the conveyance of money or other property used to pay a ransom or extortion demand.
Call Luz 1-866-232-7933.


Kidnap/Ransom and Extortion Insurance [Adobe PDF, 83KB]
Managing Terrorism Risks [Adobe PDF, 134KB]
Managing Travel Risks [Adobe PDF, 151KB]
(Articles are reprinted with permission from Chubb).


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Long-Term Care

ABI offers a Long Term Care Insurance program for ABA members and their firms. This program offers many unique benefits:
  • ABA specific premium discounts
  • Choice of top rated insurance carriers
  • Choice of benefit levels to fit your needs
  • Services of a professional and local long-term care specialist
To find out more, call 1-800-616-8759.


Financial Rationale for Long Term Care Planning [Adobe PDF, 147KB]

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Group Major Medical Plan

ABA members responsible for their firm's employee benefits know how difficult the group medical marketplace can be as well as how expensive the coverage is. At ABA Member Health Plans, administered by JLBG Health we realize that health insurance is a complex tool requiring sound advice. We also know how important it is to have affordable insurance coverage.
As long as you have at least yourself and one other person on the payroll you cannot be turned down and all pre-existing conditions will be covered subject to state regulations. If you do not have anyone on payroll we can still help you with an individual/family plan.
  • 100% coverage for all Wellness and Preventive Check Ups with NO deductible or out of pocket expense
  • All dependents covered until age 26
  • Unlimited lifetime benefits
  • Low deductible PPOs with DR and RX co-pays to HSA and HRA-qualified plans with FREE administration to all members.
  • Extensive Nationwide PPO networks with over 1,000,000 providers to choose from.
  • Select different types of plans for Owners/Partners and clerical staff.
Visit us at
ABAMemberHealthPlans.com or call 1-866-860-1989. We will do our best to help you find the right medical solution for your firm.

These plans are not available in all states.

OUR VISION: All ABA members will own at least one ABI product to maximize ABI’s contribution to ABE.

OUR MISSION: Market to ABA members high quality and competitive insurance and other products responsive to their needs.

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